I think a good way to return is with a book synopsis. My recent conquest is Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer. If you’re into researched topics and breaking things down into parts then this book is for you. Lehrer criss crosses into music, theater, science, business, and sports to figure out how creativity […]

Happy Hump Day all! For this week’s ad spotlight, I have two interesting campaigns that are going to take us into the world of extinction and wildlife hunting. I chose two different campaigns because they’re interesting for good and bad reasons. I don’t know about you guys but it’s so hard for me to find […]

Hello everybody! It’s now the tail end of Monday (hopefully) and to celebrate I have a new reading list for the fall and winter months. For the first go round of A&E’s reading list, I was able to devour 4 out of 9 books. Not bad, but I can do better though. Since it’s still […]

Carrying over some overlap from last Monday’s post, I posed a question asking what kind of Copywriter you wanted to be. One option was, “if you want to please your agency, win awards.” Since, I’m in that awkward, premature/beginning phase of my career, now is a grand time to think about my desire for awards […]

Well did anyone in Advertising see this one coming? I most certainly did not. Early on Sunday, I saw an elephant of a tweet trudge down my timeline claiming that Publicis and Omnicom could eventually become one. For those who are not too familiar with the advertising industry. Four major holding companies, called the Big […]

Hello my lovely readers/fellow Copywriters, Forgive me for my extended vacation. I’m back today with a seemingly innocent quote but a question that can be quite heavy. We all know Advertising gets a bad rap sometimes, especially with our industry being low on the totem pole of most trustworthy careers. Ironically, these days the world […]

Hey guys, hope all is well on your end. Unfortunately, a Summer cold whapped me in the back of the head on Tuesday so I wasn’t able to complete the post I had in mind for today. It’s about ad award shows in light of Cannes Creative Festival which was about a week ago. I’ve […]